Carpet Cleaning


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carpet cleaning

Our dedicated Carpet Cleaning Services help you remove stains, deodorize smells and treat sofas.

Structure Type/Service Cost
Apartment (1 Bedroom) $80
Apartment (2 Bedroom) $95
Apartment (3 Bedroom) $105
Commercial Carpet (by sq ft) $0.18
Carpet Protector $15/area
Deodorize $10/area
Urine Treatment (minimum cost) $50
Emergency Call: Water Restoration (per call + labor) $100
Kool Aid stains $25/spot
Carpet Repair (minimum) $50
Tile and Grout
Cleaning $0.40/sq ft
Grout Seal $0.20/sq ft
3 Cushion Sofa $75
2 Cushion/Love Seat $65
Recliner $40
Wool area rug $1/sq ft
Smoke Odor Damage (minimum) $125
Hard surface floor wax (minimum) $100
Marbel (minimum) $100

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